Remote Control Helicopter Reviews



Top Remote Control Helicopter Reviews

Remote controlled helicopters have become very sophisticated, faster and loaded with tons of features. There are different types of helicopters in the market and to make your search easier here is a compilation of the top ten remote control helicopter reviews available today.

 Syma S107 S107G outdoor RC Helicopter Review

1. Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter

 This is the world’s smallest and lightest helicopter in the market, and it features the latest Gyroscope technology. The Syma S107 is approximately 7.5 inches long and with its fully functional 3 channels you move it Right-Left, Forward-Backward and UP-Down. The helicopter is easy to assemble and fly plus you have 2 selectable frequencies that let you fly two helicopters at once. It also features a transmitter and a power indicator and you only need 30 minutes to fully charge the lithium polymer battery. Once fully charged toy can enjoy up to 12 minutes of flight and to recharge you will only need the USB or transmitter. The Syma S107 R/C helicopter is suitable for flying indoors in a range of 30 Ft.  It features an aluminum frame that makes it durable and indestructible even after crashing.


  Syma S 109g RC Helicopter Review

 2. Syma S109G Apache AH-64 3.5-Channels Mini Indoor Helicopter

 The Syma S109 G is a palm sized remote controlled helicopter that is ideal for flying indoor. It features a fully functional 3 channel control Forward-Backward, Right-Left and UP-Down.  The helicopter is creatively designed with thick plastic body that ensures it survives multiple crashes that’s why its suitable for first time flyers. The helicopter also features 4 in 1 receiver which allows the helicopter to move in six direction. It had 3D full function, headlights and a dual charging system either using USB or power socket.  It requires 20-30 minutes of charging and once the 3.7V lithium polymer battery is full you can enjoy up to 5 minutes of fly time. The transmitter allows a controlling distance of approximately 10 meters.


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3. Syma X1 4 Channel 2.4G RC Quad Copter – Spacecraft

 The syma X1 Quad copter is one of the most sophisticated radio controlled helicopters  which gives  you a new flying experience. It features the professional 3D maneuvers while at the same time offering great agility and stability in flight. The helicopter uses the latest 2.4 GHZ radio control that allows long control distance and eliminates interference to give you rapid response and  smooth flying. The Syma X1 also features and adjustable three axis gyro sensitivity that allows for stable fight  plus you have 3 way precise controller that lets you fly in all direction.  You can either fly the copter indoor and outdoor for about  6 minutes. It comes with a 3.7V lithium polymer battery that needs 40 minutes of charging time and you also enjoy a 40 meters controlling distance. Additional features found on the Syma X1 quad copter include, 4 control channel, speed up mode and a 360 degree Eversion.

 Double Horse 9053 RC Helicopter Review

 4. Double Horse 9053 26 Inches 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro RC Helicopter —NEW!

 The Double Horse 9053 RC helicopter is the newest model that comes equipped with the latest Gyroscope technology that allows for multiple flying direction and flight stability. The helicopter is creatively designed and it has a super lightweight frame and a tough body that can withstand multiple crashes. It features 3.5 channels that lets you control either high or low speed  for your copter . The helicopter comes fully assembled and ready to fly the only thing you will require are 8 AA batteries for remote control. The two powerful motors and N20 tail motor allows the Double horse copter to fly as high as 100 meters plus you get up to 200 ft. of radio control range. It also features a  flight stabilizing system and  break that facilitates easier also features a powerful 7.4V lithium polymer that that offers  10 minutes of flight time.


Syma Coast Gurad Recue RC Helicopter Review

 5. Coast Guard Rescue RC 3.5CH Gyro Helicopter Mini Infrared Remote Controlled SYMA Heli S111G

 The Coast Guard Rescue RC helicopter comes with tomes of features that makes flying simple and fun. It features a built-in Electric Gyroscope system that gives the copter extreme stability while in flight. You get Omni-directional flight where the copter can ascend- descend, turn left-right, move forward or backwards. The material that has constructed the Coast Guard Rescue helicopter is tough and durable capable of withstanding minor crashes. This new model has some new and efficient features like the electricity saving function and gear slowdown system. The Adjustable Trim control  and 4 in 1 infrared receiver ensure the copter is easy to operate and it flies smoothly. It measures 8.5”L x 3.7”H x 2.1”W and you get a control range of up to 20 feet. The helicopter is powered by a 3.7V lithium polymer battery that takes 30 minutes to charge and gives you 5-8 minutes of flying  time.


6. Syma 16.5CM S026G 3.5Ch 3 Channel Mini Chinook RC Helicopter Gyro Small Toy Gift Army-green

The Syma 16.5 mini Chinook RC helicopter is one of the most sophisticated yet easy to fly helicopter. It’s loaded with a feature that makes the flying smooth and fun. Its features a transmitter that has an Alignment trim, power indicator, a trimmer and a Left/Right Lever. It comes in a compact design with the total body length of 6.5”, width 5.5” and height 112mm. The auto stability system makes flying easier while the  3 pre- installed channels makes it easier to control. It also features a 3.7V 50mAh lithium polymer battery  whose charge time is 20 minutes which equals to 6-7 minutes of flight time. Before you can fly the Syma mini Chinook RC helicopter you need 6 X AA batteries for the transmitter. The  transmitter can control the helicopter  to a range of 10 meters.

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7. Syma 3 Channel S107/S107G Mini Indoor Co-Axial R/C Helicopter w/ Gyro

The Syma 3 mini indoor Co- Axial RC helicopter is one of the smallest and lightest computer that can comfortably fit in your palm. Its built using metal that makes it durable and can withstand all the crashes without braking the stuff that the helicopter lands on. The helicopter comes with the latest Gyro technology that makes control and navigation very easy. This new model has completely revolutionized the helicopter industry and now you do not have to worry  about tons of crashes or replacing the helicopter parts. The co-axial rotor helps in precise movement  whether the helicopter is flying or hovering. You get two selectable frequency that allows you to fly 2 computers at once and a 3 channel control for, up, down, left, right, forward, and backward movement. The helicopter is idea for indoor flying and  you get a flight distance of 30 meters. This helicopter comes fully assembled and once you power up the transmitter with 6 AA battery you are good to go.

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 8. Syma Syma S102G 3-Channel RC Helicopter (Black Hawk UH-60)

 The 3 channel Black hawk helicopter comes in a compact design and features a 4 in 1 infra-red receiver (Gyro, ESC, mixer, Receiver) that makes it one of the easiest to operate helicopter. The total length is 8.5 inches which means it can fit in your palm comfortably. The helicopter is able to move in 3 directions and with its light weight, durable material it indestructible in case of a crash. The Syma black hawk helicopter is suitable for flying indoors  and ideal for first time flyers. The copter also has a decorated flashing LED light with great visual effect especially at night. The helicopter is suitable for those over 8 years old and it comes full assembled ready to fly. The transmitter can control the copter to a range of 30 ft. and enjoy up to 6 minutes of flight.

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 9.  Syma S800G 4 Channel Remote Control Helicopter with Bonus Parts – Black & White

 The Syma S 800G RC helicopter comes in a completely new design from its predecessor which makes it better suited for flight and very durable. This model is controlled by the swash plate which allows for better navigation in backward- forward, left-right, up and down  movement. The helicopter is designed for beginners and  intermediate level for anyone who is above 12 years old. It also features an  infrared control and you get to enjoy up to 8 minutes of flight time. It comes with a mini tool box which can be used to store your miscellaneous items.


Syma S107c camera mini RC Helicopter Review

10.  Syma S107C Camera 3 Channel Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro & Video Recording (Colors May Vary)

 The Syma S107C Camera RC helicopter is the latest and the most advanced model that comes with video recording capability. The 1.3 MP camera is capable of recording video and taking pictures while on flight. It also features an internal storage of 512 MB Micro SD card and you can use the USB cable or the data cable to transfer data and charge. The 3 channel gyro helicopter makes the navigation and maneuverability easier. The helicopter measures 22 cm x 3.8 cm x9.8 cm and it ready assembled for both indoor and outdoor flight. The metal frame makes the Syma S107 very durable and able to survive multiple crashes. It comes  with a controlling distance of 10 M and a powerful 3.7V lithium polymer battery that gives you 8 minutes of non-stop flying..